FJB Anti Joe Biden Let's Go Brandon Acrylic FJB Not My President with LED Base

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These great designs are specially designed and cut using our most amazing Laser Engraver. We use a super Cast Acrylic so you get the most amazing Frosted Look. The Video shown is a generic video, showing the use and operation of the LED base by the manufacturer. All designs and designed, made and created in Northern Virginia by David Fierstien of Powercall Sirens LLC.

These designs fit into the supplied LED Base that comes with a remote control and a USB Power Cord. The colors can be changed by the remote or by the button on the LED Base. Choose a single color, make it flash or fade to another color. The unit requires 3 AA Batteries which are NOT INCLUDED. 


Each design comes wrapped in a box and is shipped using Priority Mail. 

Have an idea for an acrylic design, drop us an eBay message! Thank you!

About this item

  • Change the color at will: touch the switch or use the equipped portable remote control, you can control the change of 16 kinds of light colors, you can also choose different flashing modes, bright colors can better display the artwork
  • Energy-saving and convenient: lamp holder power is 0.5W, voltage is 5V, equipped with a portable remote control, one-button switching power supply; The lamp holder has 2 power supply methods, which can be powered by 3 AA batteries installed at the bottom of the base (not included), or you can use the included USB cable to power on the LED base
  • Reliable material: made of durable plastic, there are 8 LED lamp beads inside, the display color is clear; The frosted shell is comfortable when touched and can be applied for a long time

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